Which is better, Geographix or Petra?

Which is better, Geographix or Petra?


Never had to buy a license to either, until now. What are pros and cons of each and why?
Needed for my royalty company for:

  • Quick IHS top uploads
  • High-level interpretation and log correlation
  • Mapping (I realize both have an integrated GIS, but does one stand out?)

Thanks for any help and insight in advance!

GeoGraphix is better in my opinion, since it offers more integreation between all geoscience domains. Also, the mapping solution is based directly on ArcGIS technology which offers better ArcGIS integration.
Petra is perhaps better with IHS Enerdeq, but GGX allows IS format imports.
GGX provides geomodeling, log analysis, data analysis, seimic interpretation, well and field planning and mapping integration.