What's the best advice you can give someone in sales who is newer to the industry?

What's the best advice you can give someone in sales who is newer to the industry?

I’m new to sales in oil and gas. What advice do you have for people just getting started selling in the industry? What’s the best way to prospect, build relationships, and grow a book of business in the oilfield? Is social media as effective as other industries?

I can’t wait to read your responses :blush:

Raquel, while social media can play an important role in your success, as you start out it won’t be the key catalyst. Most important way to start is to have a long term view on the activity you generate weekly. Nothing will replace growing your network, not just of potential clients but I believe more importantly influencers. Those are people who can lead you to the people you need to connect with. Influencers are also great at teaching you the terrain you are now playing in. Since it is a new area for you, I assume you have limited technical knowledge at this stage. Long view comes back into play. A success week will be in how much you learn. Who can you talk with that might not only help grow your knowledge but also continue to point you to decision makers. Sales today is driven by trust, do they trust you, do they trust you care more about them than your product? Can you bring them peace of mind in the buying process? Wish you great success in your journey.


Thanks for the response Mike! You are too kind :slight_smile: You have mentioned some great things and I will be sure to apply them! Sales for me has always been about being honest and being myself. I hate to even call it sales because I feel like I am helping others rather than selling them. I still have so much to learn! I am very grateful that I am in a industry where people are always willing to help. The amount of support and guidance I receive from others has absolutely been unreal :pray::heart: thank you for the advice Mike!

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