Section 93, Block 8

Section 93, Block 8
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This lot contains non-producing leasehold acreage (640.00 gross/20.00 net acres) located in Section 93, Block 8, H&GN Ry Co. Survey, Pecos County, Texas. The lease is dated August 28, 2017, with a three (3) year term and a 1/4th royalty. For more information, see the Oil and Gas Lease in the Internet Data Room (IDR).

Recent area permits, production and leases can be found in the Offset Activity.

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Property/Lease Name Non-Producing Leasehold Acreage
County, State Non-Producing Leasehold Acreage
Legal Description Pecos, TX
Interest Section 93, Block 8, H&GN Ry Co. Survey
Net Acres 100% of OGL (Delivering 75% NRI)
Gross Acres 20
Outstanding Obligations, If yes, describe below (Y/N) 640
Depth Restrictions (Y/N) No
Source Document (Vol/Page) No
Current Lease (Vol/Page) Doc #2018154991
Current Lease Term or Expiration Date Doc #2018154991
Current Lease Royalty Three (3) years expiring August 28th, 2020
Pugh Clause 1/4
Partially Released Yes - See Oil and Gas Lease
Status (HBP, Other) No
Lessee Currently under primary term.
Force Pooled? (Y/N) Kalos Resources, LLC
Additional Information (ex. Drilling & Spacing Unit) No

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Buyer Placed Amount
Southwest Land 8/30/2018 8:41:11 AM $5,000

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