I think Zoho is the best CRM for reporting.

I think Zoho is the best CRM for reporting.

This topic has been converted into a Wiki. It needs more clarification.

  • What makes Zoho better?
  • Why do you like the software?
  • What are the cons of using it vs. other vendors at a similar level?

All legitimate questions that demand legitimate answers.

If you agree with this sentiment, please contribute to a robust explanation of Zoho software and what it can do. Be transparent. Share facts. Educate us all.



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Hmmmm… still waiting for clarification from @emily.collier.

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I prefer Zoho because it’s straight to the point and it’s simple. I also like Salesforce but find it a bit difficult to navigate and customization can get expensive. I find that with a lot of CRMs it’s visually stimulating but incredibly difficult to navigate and/or poor when it comes to reporting.

From a sales standpoint depending on your target prospects Salesforce is one with data.com so it’s a no brainer when it comes to lead sources. Although I personally find that with O&G you have to put in a bit more effort and can’t rely on a database full of names and numbers to get you to the right person.

Over all I prefer Zoho because easy reporting, easy to navigate, and simple. Zoho definitely doesn’t get the credit it deserves.