How to creat wiki topics to collaborate with other users

How to creat wiki topics to collaborate with other users

What is a wiki post?

A wiki post/admin wiki post is a special type of post that can be edited by bitkcor users with Trust Level 3 and above.

How do I create (or remove) a wiki post?
You need moderator/admin privileges to turn a regular post into a wiki post.

However, users at a Trust Level 3 are able to make their posts Wiki. We have decided to keep this in place to foster a sense of investment in the community. It’s easy to overrun a forum with spam if you don’t have the right security measures in place. When users have not yet spent significant time on the site, it is impossible to know their intentions.

For the love of Shirley, this is not LinkedIn. We do not want spam.

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editor’s note: These security measures to protect the integrity of your community are baked into the software behind bitkcor – out of the box. Incredible.

How to Make a Wiki – Unlock at Trust Level 3

To create a wiki post just select the wrench icon

and then click the Make Wiki button

If a post is already a wiki, instead of the Make Wiki button, the Remove Wiki button will appear.

How can I recognize a wiki post from a regular post?
By default, new users at Trust Level 0 can not edit wiki posts. They will see only an orange pencil icon at the top right of wiki posts.

When users are able to edit the wiki posts, in addition to the pencil, they will notice that the Reply button has been de-emphasized in favor of the Edit button

Clicking on the pencil produces no effect unless the post has been modified. Our example post from earlier has now been modified three times.

All users can see wiki topic revision history.

Users with Wiki Editor features enabled see Edit Wiki buttons. Admins and Moderators see additional red administration buttons that hide or revert to previous revisions.

Properties of Wiki Posts

  • Built-in revisions.
  • When two users are editing a post at the same time, the latest save becomes the latest revision. This overwrites the contents of the previous save.
  • Every new topic in the Oilfield Wiki category is a wiki by default.
  • Wiki is not a retroactive category setting. If an admin changes a category to wiki by default, he must manually convert each existing topic in the category to wiki.
    • Topics created in non-wiki categories must be manually changed to wiki after being moved to default wiki categories.
    • Topics created in default wiki categories remain a wiki after being exported to non-wiki categories.
    • Any post of a topic can be transformed into a wiki manually. It does not necessarily have to be the original post.

Currently NOT supported in Wiki Posts

  • (Automatic) Table of Contents
  • Edit lock / Simultaneous editing
  • Footnotes

This is a great idea and will be very helpful to users like me who are not the most computer savvy!